Super moon over the clouds at Haleakala Summit.

Photo Credit: Dr. Bob Levy

Nice job, Bob. That’s beautiful!!!

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Colorado River, Utah
Matthew Foster

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All The Leaves Are Gone - Misty Morning Landscape on Behance 
by Andreas Ween

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Here we are, decending down the backside of Mont Ventoux. I’m shivering so violently my whole body shakes, I had been climbing for the last hour and a half and now that sweat dried in the cool wind. As I navigated around another switchback I was reminded of this great Steinbeck quote that essentially says that farmers never remember the good seasons during bad ones and never remember the bad ones during good.

Descending a mountain is the same way, each switchback slowly melts away the memories of pain and slowly (but surely) you forget how you got there at all.

The pleasure erases the pain. 


What a great photo! moment love

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(via 500px / African bush elephant by Pavel Svoboda)

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Mecanopsis - I think! by Peter J. Ham on Flickr.

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Elephants by Petits Voyages on Flickr.

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